Meal Plan Signup And Change

If you have any questions regarding selection, changing or canceling your meal plan, please e-mail diningservices@uwrf.edumail.


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Meal Plan Sign Up

Fall 2014 (2014-2015)

Complete the Meal Plan Sign Up Form
Your meal plan will be activated within 1 hour during regular business hours. Monday-Friday

There is no deadline to sign up for a meal plan.  If you decide a few weeks into the semester that you would benefit from a meal plan, please complete the Sign Up Form.  Weekly plans will be prorated based on the number of weeks left in the semester.  Block plans will receive all meals associated with that plan.

Meal Plan Changes

Fall 2014 (2014-2015)

The last day to change your meal plan for Fall 2014 was Friday, September 5, 2014.

Meal Plan Cancellation

Fall 2014 (2014-2015)

Complete the Meal Plan Cancellation Form.

Meal Conversion

Meal Conversion - Block Meal Plans Only

This option allows you to convert meals to Dining Dollars, and is only available for participants of the 120 and 60 Block Plans.  Conversion is allowed only during the stipulated time frame.

  • Block plan participants may convert between 1 and 30 meals (limited to the remaining balance on their account) at a rate of $6.00 per meal (maximum of $180.00 in Dining Dollars).
  • Unused Fall Semester Dining Dollars will carry over to Spring Semester.
  • Once meals are converted to Dining Dollars they may not be converted back to meals.  Dining Dollars cannot be refunded if the meal plan is canceled.
  • Once Dining Dollars are acquired, they may be used the same as all Dining Dollars.  They may be used at any dining venue at any time and receive a 5% discount, in addition to a tax savings of 5.5%.

Fall 2014

Convert your meals to Dining Dollars.  The Fall meal conversion period is:

  • September 8-26, 2014