Meal Plan Program

All dining venues are conveniently located in the University Center. We offer continuous dining at Riverside Commons, the all-you-care-to-eat dining room, which is the primary location for students participating in a meal plan. The meal plan program offers students several options for dining including transfer meals, premium and theme meals each month, the opportunity to enjoy all-campus picnics, arrange isolation meal boxes when ill.

Meal plans and rates are defined per semester. The fall semester meal plan selection will be considered the spring semester meal plan if no changes are made during the spring meal plan signup/change period. Students who are required to participate in a meal plan and do not select a meal plan will be assigned the weekly 14 meal plan.

There are times during each term when meal plan service is limited or no meal plan service is offered, specifically during the beginning of each term, finals week, holiday, and term breaks. There are also events, such as all campus picnics, which interfere with standard meal plan service and dining venue hours of operation. The meal offered at these specified events will serve as the meal plan meal. Review contracted meal plan days of service and Riverside Commons featured meals for those dates.

Mandatory Meal Plan Policy

The meal plan program is available to all UWRF students.  However, all students living on-campus, except students living in South Fork Suites, must participate in the meal plan program.  For more information please feel free to review the meal plan contract

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