Meal Plan Freddy 2GO Program

The Freddy 2GO Program allows meal plan participants to take meals "to go" from Riverside Commons.  The reusable 2GO container will provide an option for those students with busy schedules who don't have the time between classes, work or other commitments to sit down to eat in the University Center.  By providing a non-disposable option, University Dining Services and Chartwells continue to pursue our commitment to improving our sustainability initiatives.

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Freddy 2GO Expectations and Guidelines  

  • The 2GO container is free to use if you are a meal plan participant. 
  • The program is NOT available during Finals Week.
  • You will not be able to sit in and/or eat in Riverside Commons with a 2GO container.
  • 2GO beverage bottles will be given out to all residence hall students at the beginning of the semester.  Off campus meal plan participants may pick up a 2GO beverage bottle at the UC Information Desk while supplies last. This is the only approved beverage container for the Freddy 2GO Program.
  • The 2GO beverage bottle may be used in other food venues to purchase refill beverages.
  • The 2GO container must be returned at the end of the semester.  You will be charged $5.00 if the container is not returned.  Do not keep your container for the next semester. 

The Process   

  • When entering Riverside Commons, indicate that you would like your meal to go. 
  • The staff will hand you a 2GO container, deduct your meal and log that you have received a container.
  • Remember to bring your 2GO beverage bottle to take out a beverage. 
  • Pick up a plastic utensil.  These are the only utensils you will be allowed to remove from Riverside Commons.
  • Rinse out your 2GO container. No need to wash.
  • Return your 2GO container the next time you return to Riverside Commons.  The container will be logged as returned so you will be ready to receive a clean, sanitized 2GO container the next time you wish to take your meal to go.
  • Make sure to give the 2GO container directly to the cashier so it is properly returned.
  • Keep your 2GO beverage bottle, rinse and wash.   

What If ?

  • If you forget or lose your 2GO container, you have the option to continue with the 2GO program for $5.00.  Stop at the UC Information Desk to pay the $5.00 and they will indicate your container as returned so you are able to receive one at Riverside Commons. 
  • If your 2GO container breaks, bring all pieces to Riverside Commons.  This will be logged as a returned container.
  • If you forget or lose your 2GO beverage bottle, you will not be able to take a beverage from Riverside Commons with your 2GO meal.

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