Meal Plan Descriptions

Types of Plans

Weekly Plans

Weekly meal plans include a set number of meals per week, which allows one meal to be redeemed during a meal period. Meal periods include breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night on Monday through Friday, and brunch, dinner and late night on Saturday and Sunday. Weekly plans run Sunday morning through Saturday evening and you may choose any of the meals offered up to your selected meal plan limit. Transfer options are available daily at designated retail venues during lunch, dinner, and late night.  Unused meals do not carry over to future weeks.

Weekly plans include five guest meals for the semester and they may only be used in Riverside Commons or as a Transfer Meal in the company of the meal plan participant. Guest meals may not be used for premium meals. Guest Meals expire at the end of each semester.


Meal Plan Meals Dining Dollars Guest Meals Cost per Semester

19 Weekly Plan

19 per week


5 guest meals


14 Weekly Plan

14 per week


5 guest meals



Block Plans

Block Plans include a set number of meals per semester without any restriction on the number of meals a student can eat each meal period, day or week. There are a total of 26 meals offered during a standard serving week. Students on a block plan should monitor their meallink usage to ensure they have meals throughout the entire semester. Transfer meal options are available at designated retail venues during lunch, dinner and late night. Meals can be used during any meal period throughout the semester. Block meals not used by the end of the semester will expire on the last day of the respective semester meal plan. If all meals are used before the end of the semester, students have the option to purchase an additional block of 25 meals by contacting the Dining Services Office.

The 120 Block meal plan is available to all students. This plan meets the mandatory meal plan requirement.  

The 60 Block meal plan includes 60 meals per semester and is only available to students who have earned 60 or more credits (living on campus), South Fork Suites residents, or commuter students. 

*The 60 Block meal plan does NOT meet the mandatory meal plan requirements for freshman or sophomores.


Meal Plan Meals Dining Dollars Guest Meals Cost per Semester

120 Block Plan

120 per semester




60 Block Plan*

60 per semester





Block Meal Conversion

Block meal plans allow participants to convert meals to Dining Dollars during designated time periods each semester. 

Block plan participants may convert between 1 and 30 meals into dining dollars (limited to the remaining balance on their account) at a rate of $6 per meal (maximum of $180 in Dining Dollars). Once meals are converted to Dining Dollars, they may not be converted back to meals.  Dining Dollars cannot be refunded should the meal plan be canceled.

Dining Dollars

Dining dollars are placed in a debit account for each meal plan participant. Students are allowed to use dining dollars for the purchase of food and beverage items at any dining venue in University Center. Purchases made with dining dollars will receive a 5% discount on food/beverage items and are exempted from sales tax. Dining dollars may also be used at anytime throughout the respective semester. Dining dollars cannot be purchased independently, taken as cash or transferred to others.  The Fall balance will roll over to Spring semester only if the student has a Spring meal plan, otherwise they will expire at the end of the semester.

View Balances and Transactions

You may view your balancelink for meals, Dining Dollars and Falcon Dollars.  Also, view your transactions.  You will be able to see where you are using your UWRF ID.  Printing balances can be viewed in Paper Cut.