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Below are some common questions regarding Dining Services at UW-River Falls. Feel free to contact Dining Services or Chartwells for additional information!

Why am I required to be on a meal plan?

All students residing in the residence halls (with the exception of South Fork Suites residents) are required to select a meal plan as a part of their room and board contract. Students may choose from any of the meals plans offered, with the exception of the 60+ Block Plan which is restricted to students who have earned 60 or more credits, South Fork Suites residents, and commuter students. There are no exceptions to this policy. If you are a commuter, you are not required to be on a meal plan, however, many commuters find our meal plans appealing.

Click here for more information on your dining contract.

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are placed in a debit account for each meal plan participant. Students are allowed to use Dining Dollars for the purchase of food and beverage items at any dining venue in the University Center. Purchases made with Dining Dollars are exempt from sales tax. Dining Dollars cannot be purchased independently, taken as cash or transferred to others, and expire at the end of each academic year. Students on a block meal plan are able to convert up to 30 meals into Dining Dollars each semester during a designated conversion period.

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What are Falcon Dollars?

What are Falcon Dollars?

Falcon Dollars are available to anyone in the university community. By pre-depositing money into a Falcon Dollars account, you can use the Falcon Dollars to make purchases at the University Center dining venues. If you are a student, sales tax is not charged on consumable food purchases made with Falcon Dollars in our University Center dining venues. Your university ID card is required for all purchases made with Falcon Dollars. You can also use Falcon Dollars at DoTS, copy machines, the Falcon Shop, the Information Desk, and the Involvement Center Desk. No refunds shall be given with the exception of withdrawal from the University. A $20.00 processing fee will be charged for refunds.

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What is a Transfer Meal?

What is a Transfer Meal?

The Transfer Meal Program allows meal plan participants to use a meal in other retail areas outside of Riverside Commons.  A cash equivalency is applied to any purchase made.  If the purchase exceeds the cash equivalency rate, the difference can be paid with cash, Dining Dollars, Falcon Dollars or credit card.

Cash Equivalency Value is:
Breakfast (no transfers available for breakfast)
$5.50   Lunch/Brunch
$6.00   Dinner
$5.50   Late Night

Click here for more information on meal plan dining options.

How do I arrange a Sack Meal?

Sack meals may be arranged when meal times conflict with your class schedule, work, or other campus activities. To participate in the sack meal program, you are required to complete the Sack Meal Request Form. The form must be submitted no later than the day prior to the intended missed meal. Sack meals are discontinued if you fail to pick up the meal two consecutive times without proper notification. Sack meal request forms are available at the Cashier station in Riverside Commons.

How do I arrange an Isolation Meal?

Isolation meal boxes are available to on-campus students enrolled in a Meal Plan. An Isolation Meal Box is a box of food and beverage items intended to provide the equivalent of three meals of food and beverage to an individual with flu-like symptoms. For each Isolation Meal Box Request Form submitted, Dining Services will provide one delivery per person, per day and three meals will be deducted from your meal plan.

Click here to submit an Isolation Meal Box request.

What is a Premium or Themed Meal?

Dining Services offers a Premium or Themed meal at least once each month. The Premium meals feature "premium" entrees and a gourmet selection of accompaniments. Some of the meals offered throughout the academic year will be themed events based on various holidays, seasons and events. Please visit our Events and Promotions page for more information on our next Premium or Themed meal. Premium and Themed meals are one of the many ways Chartwells is creating exceptional experiences and we invite all students, faculty, staff and community members to join us!

How do I locate nutritional information?

 Nutritional Information can be found online for most of our retail locations. In Riverside Commons, nutritional identifiers are posted in front of each item.

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