Request Elevated Privileges

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Computer Reliability

Windows 7 uses a tool called, User Account Control, to help prevent malicious software (malware) and spyware from being installed on or making changes to your computer without you knowing.  Most routine tasks like as reading e-mail, creating documents, and performing web searches can be accomplished without elevated user permissions.  Select software may be installed through the self-service option for both Windows and Mac, without the need to have elevated privileges.

If the nature of your work requires that you have elevated permissions, it is important to know that the computer assigned to you will have an increased risk of being infected by malicious software like malware and spyware. Malicious software can take advantage of elevated permissions and may jeopardize the operation of a computer assigned to you.  In short, you have a greater possibly of having an unreliable computer.

White label on the front of a desktop computer or near the keyboard of a laptop

If "no" chose an end date.
DoTS reserves the right to remove elevated privileges if it is believed that security and integrity of networks, computers or accounts have been compromised. DoTS reserves the right to return infected computers to standard permissions. All guidelines of the University’s Acceptable Use Policy are applicable.

Request Elevated Privileges

If you would like to request elevated privileges either short-term (set period of time)  or permanent, please fill out the request form on this page.   If you request elevated privileges, please note that you will fall under a different service level agreement.

After the request has been received by DoTS you should be contacted within 2 business days.  Please note that you will need to be on campus for these changes to take effect.  If you are in need of immediate assistance to install or update software, please contact DoTS by calling 1 715-425-3687.