Printing Refund Request

You may request a refund using the process below.  Note that refunds will go into your print allocation and not into Falcon Dollars.

If you would like to have the refund go into your Falcon Dollars you will need to bring the failed print job to the Card Office located in the basement of Davee Library during Card Office hours.

Below are examples for when to request a refund:

  • Paper Jam
  • Print Quality Issues
  • Printer Malfunction

Below are examples for when not to request a refund:

  • Printed the same documented multiple times
  • Printed the wrong document
  • Printed a slide per page when you intended to print multiple slides to a page
  • Printed to color when you intended to print to black and white

How to request a refund

  1. Login to PaperCut
  2. Select "Recent Print Jobs"

    Recent Print Jobs

  3. Click on "Request Refund" under the "Status" column for the document you would like to have refunded.  Note, you can only request a refund after the document has a status of "Printed"

    Request Refund

  4. The next page will show you details about the print job, including the number of pages, cost, document  name, and the printer you released the job to.
    1. Select if you would like a full refund or partial refund
    2. Enter a reason for the refund request.  Be as descriptive as possible in your reason for request.
    3. Click on the "Send" button when complete
  5. After clicking send, you will be brought back to the list of your recent print jobs.  The status for the job you requested a refund for will now say "Refund Pending"
  6. You will be notified via your student email when your refund request is approved or denied

Technology Services staff will review refund requests approximately once per hour during our Comm Center Hours.

For immediate assistance with a refund, please contact Technology Services at 715-425-3687 or stop by our Davee Library or Wyman locations.