FalconShare Changes

G and H Drive

The most visible change for the majority of campus will be the drive letters that are mapped.  

Currently, the H drive is your Home or personal space.  The H drive will be replaced the S drive.  Think "single" or "solo" for your own personal space.

Currently, the G drive is the Campus space.  This is a shared area for departments, teams, colleges, etc.  The G drive will be replaced with the T drive.  Think of this as the "team" space for shared campus directories. 


File Structure

The T drive (formerly the G drive) top-level file structure has changed to provide organization by department. This reduces the list size of college/department folders.

The T drive is structured as follows:

  • Administration
  • CAS
  • CBE
  • CEPS
  • Collaboration
  • Outreach and Graduate Studies
  • Student Affairs
  • Student Organizations

Under each college, the folder for the Deans Office, which originally used the college name, has been renamed "Deans Office" to avoid redundancy and provide clarity.

Committees has been renamed Collaboration to better reflect the use of the folder.

Web Access

The FalconFile web interface is being replaced with a new web-based application we have branded FalconShare Web Access. The new web access application will provide many of the same functionalities of FalconFile, particularly the ability to download and upload files from off-campus locations. FalconShare is located at https://files.uwrf.edu/ and requires a Falcon Account to access.

Potential Problems

  • Broken links may exist in your Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) when referencing your Recent file links under the File > Recent tab.
  • Open applications which are not saved prior to the upgrade may result in a loss of data, this means you will want to save all open files the evening before the upgrade.
  • You will see your G: and H: drive alongside the new S: and T: drives for a period of time following the upgrade, but G: and H: will not be accessible.
    • G: Drive will show up, but there will be nothing inside. Please use the new T: drive.  
    • H: Drive will show up, but the items inside will be marked as read-only. This is so you can verify all files transferred properly.
    • These drive mappings (G: and H:) will disappear following the complete campus migration and you will no longer be prompted to log into them at startup.

What is Missing?

  • Any existing FalconFile user-granted permissions to a folder (folder access given to someone else for your folder(s)) may go away.
  • Any existing FalconFile user-granted Tickets (tickets are email-based permissions to view or edit a file, these typically have expiration times) will go away.
  • Any user subscriptions to folders will go away.
  • The Wiki feature will go away.  If you are interested in a DoTS-supported Wiki solution please contact us for more information.