About UWRF Marketplace

Collage of Marketplace Screens 


  • UWRF Marketplace allows campus offices and departments to receive secure online payments. Marketplace home page
  • Customers are able to purchase UWRF products such as holiday cheese boxes or register for events using a credit card.
  • Marketplace is powered by a third-party software vendor called Shopify.link

What are the advantages for UWRF offices or departments?

  • Easy to add inventory and events.
  • Orders are sent to a UWRF staff member's email or are available on the Shopify dashboard. This makes order fulfillment simple.
  • Automatic credit card verification.
  • Payment is automatically deposited to a UWRF bank account. The funds are then dispersed through accounts receivable office.
  • UWRF staff members DO NOT have to manage credit card payment transactions.
  • Credit card numbers are not revealed to staff members eliminating some liability. Compliance with PCI security standards is easier.
  • Transaction reports are accessible at any time on the Shopify dashboard or as customized spreadsheet. 
  • Easy to initiate refunds when needed.

What are the advantages for UWRF customers?

  • Convenience of a credit card transaction.
  • Confidence in a secure transaction.
  • Automatic feedback that the transaction was complete.

What should my office or department consider before using Marketplace?

  • Have a plan in place for your department's workflow for fulfilling on-line orders.  
  • How will the cost of using the store impact revenues for the offering? (See "How much will marketplace cost...)  
  • How are transactions handled now? How will this affect order fulfillment and workflow?
  • Who will be fulfilling the orders and receiving transaction reports?
  • Who will update the online inventory?
  • When would you like to allow customers to begin registering for events or buying products. It takes a minimum 5 working days to set up a store and arrange a campus account.


Selling a product: What info does DoTS need?

  • Name of the product.
  • Description of the product.
  • Price of the product.
  • Variations of the product (color, size, quantity available)
  • Is it taxable?
  • Account number the funds will be deposited (Ask the UWRF accounting office).
  • Date the product will be available.

Online registration for an event or special course: What info does DoTS need?

  • Name of the course.
  • Description of the course (Incl. who is this course for?).
  • Price of the course.
  • When the course begins and duration.
  • When the course is open for registration.
  • Is the course taxable.
  • Account number the funds will be deposited.
  • List information you will need from the participants (Name, email, current skill level, meal preferences, etc.).