Wireless Network Information

Wireless-LogoAll academic buildings and residence halls have new wireless coverage which replaces FalconAir. This will provide additional convenience and increased efficiency including access to secured resources, the ability to manage the connectivity of your wireless devices, and the ability to sponsor guests by providing them wireless access to our campus network.

FalconAir will be replaced with the following three new wireless networks. The new wireless networks are designed with specific purposes to meet the ever-changing and increasing demands of our students, faculty, staff and guests.


This network closely resembles the FalconAir network which is being replaced.  You need to have Falcon ID credentials to access this network.  

  • Connect to UWRF-CAMPUS network
  • Open a web browser
  • At the login screen, enter your Falcon ID credentials
  • Once authenticated, register your device by filling in the optional Description field and hitting the Register button
  • Disconnect and reconnect to the UWRF-CAMPUS network to ensure you get properly connected

You will need to register each of your devices once a semester.
There are 2 new features of this network that we are excited to announce; the My Devices Portal and the Sponsor Portal.  With the addition of these 2 new features, we are empowering users to gain access to resources faster and more efficiently than in the past.

My Devices Portal

Most modern devices have the availability to authenticate via a web browser to gain access to a wireless network, but some devices still do not have a web browser or cannot authenticate on their own (most notably certain gaming systems).  When using FalconAir, you would have to submit a form with some information and then DoTS would have to take that information and put it in the system to allow that device to connect to the wireless network.  The new My Devices Portal allows users to register and manage all of their wireless devices without having to contact DoTS.  You can also remove/suspend devices from your My Devices Portal in the event that a device is lost or stolen.  You will be able to register up to 10 devices on the wireless network.
Access My Device Portal

More details about My Device Portal

Sponsor Portal

University employees or affiliates often have visitors on campus who need wireless access.  Through the new Sponsor Portal, if you have a valid Falcon ID, you can log on and create guest accounts for your visitors.
Access the Sponsor Portal

More details about My Sponsor Portal


This encrypted wireless network is only available to UWRF employees via campus owned/managed computers/devices.  Windows computers should automatically connect to this network without the need for the user supplying a username and password.  It is through this network that you will be able to securely connect to resources that were unavailable from FalconAir.  Apple computers are able to connect to this network, but the process is not automated and you will need assistance from DoTS.


A wireless network named UWRF-GUESTS is available to any campus visitor without requiring a university sponsor or a Falcon ID. Internet resources and the UWRF Web site are available excluding pages that require Falcon Account credentials, such as eSIS, OWA (Web e-mail), and FalconShare (Web file access). This wireless network will have a lower connection speed than our employee and student credentialed wireless networks. This network is designed to provide quick access to the Internet for university guests that are not conducting business while on campus. If business is being conducted with or by guests, they should be sponsored by a university employee and connect to the UWRF-CAMPUS wireless network.
If there are public events on campus, or university events that will have additional members from the public attend, you may direct them to connect to the UWRF-GUESTS network for Internet access.