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Support for University Managed Windows XP Computers

Microsoft is no longer providing support for Windows XP beginning April 8, 2014.   This means that there will no longer be any updates for Windows XP including security updates.  Without these updates computers running Windows XP will be vulnerable to attacks.  It is also possible many 3rd party software vendors will no longer support their applications running on Windows XP.  Technology Services will no longer support Windows XP computers beginning July 1, 2014.

What does this mean for me?

Once Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP any computer still running XP will be vulnerable to attacks and intrusions, putting the computer, the user, and the entire University at risk. For this reason, Windows XP computers will not be supported without an exemption from the Division of Technology Services.  Any computer found running Windows XP on the network after July 1, 2014 without an exemption will be blocked from the network and will no longer be supported by Technology Services.

What can I do?

Windows XP users will have three options regarding their computers – upgrade to Windows 7, upgrade to a new computer and Windows 7, or receive an exemption from Technology Services.  Technology Services offers both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.  Please email or call 715-425-3687 with any questions or to request assistance in determining the best option to meet your needs.  Technology Services staff would like to be involved and assist if looking for alternative software or hardware solutions that will work with Windows 7 to ensure that the chosen solution can be adequately supported by Technology Services staff.

  • Upgrade the operating system - This is the simplest way to keep an existing computer in use if it meets the hardware requirements of a newer operating system. 
  • Upgrade to a new computer - This option is the best overall, resulting in an operating system that will be supported for years to come and a new hardware that will support Windows 7 and future versions of Windows. This option would require the department to purchase a new computer at the department's expense if this is a special use computer.  More information on what must be purchased via Department funds and what can be purchased with Computer Rotation funds can be found here. There may also be limiting factors due to the hardware that needs to connect to the computer.
  • Receive an exemption from Technology Services - If the computer must be kept in service due to the needs of the equipment it is attached to or software it is running, an exemption can be requested and other compensating controls can be put in place to reduce the overall risk.  To request an exemption please submit the completed exemption form to Technology Services - 131 Davee Library - XP Exemption.

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