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Working in cooperative learning groups at a distance can be a challenge for many learners.  There are numerous tools that provide an online shared space that students can use to collaborate with one another.  Before you jump into any of these tools, consider what your needs are.  Do students need to meet together at the same time? Do your students need to share and work off the same document or presentation?  Determining the learning needs of your students before selecting a particular technology tool will help avoid any headaches that may result from learning a new technology tool.

ideaIdeas for Incorporating Web Conferencing

  • Narrate, demonstrate, and record yourself reviewing core concepts
  • Broadcast your computer screen, a particular software application, or documents
  • Have student share their work on their computer screen
  • Work collaboratively on the same document at the same time

helpSupport provided by Technology Services

Technology services provides technical support for students, instructors, and staff using the following web conferencing tools.

BB Collaborate (Desire2Learn "Online Rooms"):  This tool is available as a tool within Desire2Learn.

Faculty/Moderator Resources from BB Collaborate

  • Getting Started for Faculty Members Using UWRF D2L Online Rooms PDFdocument
  • Essentials for Moderators HMTLlink, PDFlink
  • Moderator's Guide HTMLlink, PDFlink
  • Accessibility Guide for Moderators HTMLlink, PDFlink
  • Quick Reference Guide PDFlink
  • Overview for Moderators recordinglink

Moderator Tools:

  • Introduction to the Participants Panel PDFlink
  • Using the Audio & Video Panel PDFlink
  • Using Chat PDFlink
  • Audio Setup Wizard PDFlink
  • Using the Polling Feature Wizard PDFlink
  • Using Application Sharing PDFlink

Student/Participant Resources from BB Collaborate

  • Getting Started for Participants Quick Reference Guide PDFlink
  • Essentials for Participants HTMLlink, PDFlink
  • Participant's Guide HTMLlink, PDFlink
  • Accessibility Guide for Participants HTMLlink, PDFlink
  • Web Conferencing Participant Orientation recordinglink


Huang, H.W. & McConnell, R. (2010). The Relationship between Synchronous Web Conferencing and Course Satisfaction in a Blended Online Classlink. In D. Gibson & B. Dodge (Eds.), Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2010 (pp. 546-551). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

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