As students prepare written assignments we try to encourage them to synthesis the wealth of resources that are available online such as scholarly journals and news resources in addition to traditional materials that can be found in the UWRF library.  To assist students in using these sources responsibly, you can use UWRF's license to Turnitin.com. This allows you or your students to submit papers electronically where they can be analyzed for originality.

ideaIdeas for Incorporating TurnItIn

Ask students to submit their work through TurnItIn to evaluate different ways to summarize and communicate another authors work.

Provide writing assignments that are contextual.  Contextual writing assignments encourage students to compose passages that are specific to the context you have provided.

Use the "GradeMark" tool to provide written comments on an assignment and highlighting specific sections of text.  Select from a palette of frequently used comments or create your own.  You may also use the built in rubric to assess assignments.  This is similar to providing comments or tracking changes in Microsoft Word.

helpSupport Provide by Technology Services

Technology Services provides funding and technical assistance for instructors, students, and staff using three services TurnItIn (plagiarism detection), PeerMark (online peer review) and GradeMark (paperless grading).

Use the TurnItIn and GradeMark services seamlessly within the dropbox tool of Desire2Learn. Tutorials inside Desire2Learn login.

You may also request Individual accounts to use TurnItIn, PeerMark, and GradeMark through TurnItIn.com website.

Contact dots@uwrf.edumail for more information