Test Scoring and Scanning

Test scoring machines are available in Davee Library 160 (Green Lab).

Test scoring machines provide a quick and easy way for instructors to evaluate student answers on multiple choice and open answer tests.  These machines can function as a stand-alone test scoring station.  Test analysis software, Remark, is also available to provide more detailed item analysis.

Student Answer Forms

Form 95677document: two-sided, 100 question option with writing portion on the back (requires a pencil)

Form 95946document: two-sided, 50 question option with writing portion on the back (requires a pencil)

Two student answer form options are available for purchase through UWRF Central Stores.  Both of these forms can be used on both the Opscan 3 and Opscan 4ES scoring machines.  Additional student answer forms available for purchase through the Scantron Forms Storelink.  Be sure to check that the student answer form you select is compatible with the available test scoring machines.  

Student answer form provide the following options:

  • Score each test and print the total number correct or the total percentage correct on the student answer sheet.
  • Print an X or the correct answer next to incorrectly answered questions.
  • Create up to 4 keys for a single test.

"SelfScore" Test Analysis Forms

Several "SelfScore" test analysis forms are available to faculty members at no cost.  These "SelfScore" forms allow faculty members general test analysis without using a specialized computer program.  Simply add these forms to the stack of student answer sheets and you are set to go.

Form 95407document: General Test Item Analysis - provides the total number or percentage of wrong responses for each test question.

Form 95408document:  Detailed Test Analysis - provides the number or percentage of students selecting each individual item response.

Form 95404document: Frequency Distribution - provides the frequency distribution reported by number or percentage of students.

Form 95403document: Class Roster - provides the percentage correct and letter grade for each student answer form scanned.  Requires students to enter an ID number on their answer form.

Available Test Scoring Machines

OpScan 3 (Use as a stand-alone)

OpScan 3 test scanner

OpScan 4ES (Use as a stand-alone or with Remark test analysis computer software)

OpScan 4ES


Remark Classic OMR - Test Analysis Software

Used with the OpScan 4ES machine, Remark Classic OMR test analysis can provide very basic and detailed test analysis.  Listed below are a sample of the reports available in the Remark Classic OMR software.

Download the "how-to" documentdocument - This provides step-by-step directions for using the Remark with the OpScan 4ES machine.

Download the Remark Classic OMR User's Guidedocument - This provides the complete user's guide for the Remark Classic OMR software.


Exam System II Software, Opscan 6 and Scantron Form 229633 no longer available after Monday, January 27, 2014

No Longer Available

Beginning Monday, January 27, 2014 the Opscan 6 test scanning machine will no longer be available.

If you currently use Scantron Form 229633 or the Exam System II software to perform test scanning, we encourage you to try using the OpScan 4ES with Remark Test Analysis software.