Request Telephone Service

Please fill-in the following form to request telephone services. Examples of these services include:

  • Ordering a new telephone number
  • Requesting a telephone be moved to a new location
  • Terminating an existing telephone number
  • Reserve a Polycom speakerphone for teleconferencing

This form may also be used to request repair of existing services, including:

  • A physically broken telephone
  • Damaged telephone cords
  • Cords pulled out of their wall jacks
  • Cross-talk or noise on the telephone line

Telephone Costs:

  • Monthly cost per phone line is $19.50 from ATT.
  • Installation of a new phone line is $75.00 per line. 

Please also update your address and telephone number in eSIS.

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If your issue is high priority and requires immediate assistance please call the DoTS at 715-425-3687