Telephone Services
The campus telephone system is a vital to ensuring timely communication for the campus. DoTS provides and supports these systems and does so in a very timely fashion.

Request Help/Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

candlestick phone

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding campus telephone services and the phones themselves.

Panasonic Phones

Tips and instructions related specifically to the Panasonic phone systems.

Administrative Telephones

Ameritech is the local telephone service provider and AT&T is the long distance carrier for the University administrative telephones. Faculty and staff should utilize the Telephone Services Request Form for installs, moves, disconnects or when repairs are necessary.

Planning continues on updating the campus administrative Cohort telephone systems to the newer Panasonic systems within the next few years.

Residence Halls

Residence Hall rooms at UWRF do not have in-room service. There is a shared phone in each lobby available for use. On-campus and local calls made using this phone are free. However, for long distance calls students must use a calling card or a personal cell phone.