Panasonic Phone Features

Speed Dialing

Speed Dial set-up Instructions
  1. Press Intercom button
  2. Press 30
  3. Enter code (0-9)
  4. Enter 9,8 (Except as noted below for on-campus numbers, you must enter BOTH digits)
  5. Enter phone number (1-715-246-XXXX) or local off-campus number (715-425-XXXX)
  6. Hit Pound Key (#)
  7. Hear confirmation tone then dial tone
  8. Hang up

For on-campus numbers, step 4 is Enter 9, step 5 is Enter XXXX

Using Speed Dial
  1. Press Intercom button
  2. Press 3 * + Speed dial code (0-9)

Note: Speed dial will by default utilize the LAST available line. In other words, if your department has four lines, and they appear on buttons 1-4, speed dial will access the line on button 4 if it is not in use. If they appear on buttons 5-8, it will access the line on button 8 if it is available. This cannot be changed.

Do Not Disturb

This feature will prevent others from disturbing you. The procedure for this function is explained on page 15 or 17 of your user’s manual, depending on which model Panasonic phone you have.

Background Music

On non-display phones, with the phone hung up, press 1 to turn Background Music on or off. On display phones, press the key directly below the letters "BGM" on the display.

Please Note: This feature is NOT available on most of the Panasonic systems on campus.

Changing Ring Tone

This function, available only on newer Panasonic models, is explained on page 18 of your user’s manual.

Transferring Calls

In System

  1. Press the transfer button
  2. Listen for the dial tone.
  3. Dial the three-digit Ext.
  4. Inform the person that you have a call for them.
  5. Press transfer again.
  6. Hang up.

Elsewhere on campus

  1. Press the flash button.
  2. Listen for the dial tone.
  3. Dial the four-digit phone number.
  4. Tell them you have a call for them.
  5. Press flash again.
  6. Hang up.

Voice Mail

If your department already had voice mail, it works the same as it did.  If your department does not currently have voice mail, please, talk to your department head and contact Kara Albrecht at 3099.  The message button on your phone does not link you to your voice mail.


To make a voice announcement to all the people on your system (page 13 or page 16)

  1. Pick up the phone, using the Intercom line.
  2. Dial 33*
  3. Listen for the confirmation tone.
  4. Make your announcement.

Other useful features are discussed in your User’s Manual.  If you have any other questions about your Panasonic System Phone, please contact Electronic Repair.


If you have lost your operations manual for your Panasonic phone, you may view the manualdocument as a pdf file.