Telephone Service Frequently Asked Questions
How do I contact Telecommunication Services?

Fill out the online Telephone Repair Request form or call us at 715-425-3687.

How do I order a new phone line?

Contact usmail or fill out the online Telephone Services Request form.

When people call me, they either get a busy signal or the wrong person answers.  What is happening?

Your number has been call forwarded.  Pick up your handset.  Dial 1,8.  Then wait 10-15 seconds for a confirmation tone.  Your service should be returned to normal at this point.  If this procedure does not work, call DoTS at 715-425-3687.

I live in a Residence Hall on campus.  My phone line isn't working, how do I get it fixed?

Residence hall phone lines are installed upon request of the student living in the residence.  Please contact Student Affairs at 715-425-4444 to request a phone line be installed.  If a phone line is already installed, please contact DoTS at 715-425-3687 (DoTS) or by emailing dots@uwrf.edumail for assistance.

I need a new phone, how do I get one?

Submit a Telephone Services Request. The benefits of ordering a phone through the University as opposed to purchasing one off-campus are:

  • We support the phones purchased through the University by replacing or repairing, in part or in whole, any malfunctioning equipment.
  • We offer training in the use of any new equipment.
  • We provide different types of equipment to provide optimum service, including single- and multi-line phones, system phones, answering machines and more.
  • We make available accessories for your phone, longer cords, shoulder rests, twist-tops (phone cord untanglers).
Can I plug a modem, answering machine, or conference phone into my office phone jack?

If your office has a standard, single-line telephone you may do so. However, if you have a system phone you may not. System phones are basically digital in operation. As such, any dial tone or normal conversation appearing on them has been generated by a remote telephone system elsewhere in your building. Even though system phones plug into what looks like an ordinary phone jack, normal telephone equipment does not operate from those jacks and may even possibly be damaged by plugging them into a system jack. Conversely, a system phone cannot be plugged into a working normal phone jack or into an answering machine connected to a regular phone jack. If you need a connection for accessory equipment, contact DoTSmail. We will be happy to install or activate a second jack for this purpose.

My phone isn't ringing but I do have dial tone, what happened?

Check to see if your ringer is turned off.  If you have a Panasonic, on the right hand side of the phone base is a small selector switch.  Your options are: High, Low and Off.  We recommend low as an appropriate level.  If the problem persists, contact usmail.

What can I do to keep my phone clean?

Regular cleaning is recommended to keep your phone in top condition.  You may spray any type of window cleaner onto a paper towel or cloth to clean your phone. Then, wipe the cloth over the phone.  Also, we recommend disinfecting your handset during the winter season, especially if other people use it. Spray the disinfectant onto a paper towel or cloth and wipe down the handset.

Warning: Spraying liquids directly onto the phone may result in poor, or reduced quality of service of your phone.

I need help with Voicemail, what do I do?

If you have locked your passcode, please call DoTS (3687), and your passcode will be unlocked as soon as possible. If you have other questions about voicemail, follow this linklink or call the Voicemail Help Desk at 1-888-718-3014.