Tablet Devices

Tablet devices are available for purchase through Technology Services.  These devices are supplementary devices to the primary computer provided to you through the campus computer rotation plan.

Tablet Options

Available iPads

Available iPads
  Apple iPad Air

iPad Air (5th Generation) • 32GB • Wi-Fi Only

Retina display with A7 CPU and motion coprocessor. Has a thinner and lighter design.

$698 w/AppleCare+

  Apple iPad 4 w/ Retina Display

iPad (4th Generation) w/ Retina Display • 16GB • Wi-Fi Only

 Retina display with A6 CPU. Uses same cases as iPad 2 and 3.

$498 w/AppleCare+

We are happy to purchase a different model for you; contact DoTS for further information. The models listed above include AppleCare+.

AppleCare+ (a value of $99) is automatically included with each iPad purchase. AppleCare+ allows up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage (each subject to a $49 service fee from Apple) within the first three years that the iPad was purchased.

Accessories for IPads

 iPad Accessories
Zagg PROFolio+ backlit keyboard   

ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ Backlit Keyboard Case

This wireless keyboard has backlighting for typing in low light conditions, and also provides a sturdy case that can double as a stand.

Visit the Zagg product pagelink



ZAGGkeys PROfolio Keyboard Case

This wireless keyboard is also a sturdy case that can double as a stand.

Visit the Zagg product pagelink



Lightning HDMI adapter

Display the video from your iPad on a projector/display using an available HDMI connection.

Visit the Apple product pagelink


Lightning VGA adapter

Display the video from your iPad on a projector/display using an available VGA connection.

Visit the Apple product pagelink


Available Android Tablets

Accessories for Android Tablets

Purchasing Apps

Purchasing Apps for iOS Devices

There are two ways to purchase free or paid apps on an iOS device.  

1.  Using a personal Credit Card The Apple ID you are using on this device is linked to a credit card you provided.  If you wish to be reimbursed for your purchase, you'll need to get approval from your supervisor, department chair, dean, etc.

2.  Purchase a redemption code from Technology Services Provide Technology Services with the account number to which you'd like the purchase charged.  Technology Services will make the purchase on your behalf and provide you with a redemption number to redeem your app purchase.

Please note:  All app purchases (including redemption) are linked to an individual Apple ID.  You can not transfer apps to an individual with a different Apple ID.  If an individual uses leaves the University, so does the app.

Discounts Available Technology Services does have a discount on some widely used apps including Pages (Word Processor), Numbers (Spreadsheet), Keynote (Presentations), or PDF Expert (PDF Editor).

Available Android Tablets

Available Android Tablets
Nexus Picture 1/2

Nexus 7 


Note:Supports HDMI output only,not the more common VGA.

Nexus picture 2/2

 Nexus 10



Accessories for Android Tablets


 slimportSlimport to HDMI adapter for nexus 7


 nexus 7 case MiniSuit keyboard case for Nexus 7


nexus 10 casePoetic Keybook case for Nexus 10


 Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter for Nexus 10


 Micro HDMI to VGA adapter for Nexus 10




Available Assistance and Support for tablets

Unlike University purchased laptops and desktop computers, Technology Services is only able to provide limited assistance to individuals using tablet devices.  What does this mean? 

Usability  If needed, we are happy to provide you with a quick overview of how to use a tablet.  We can help you do things like setup your Apple ID or Google Play account, connect to the campus wireless network, connect to the campus e-Mail and calendar, install and update your apps. 

Damaged or Broken tablets We are happy to ship your iPad to Apple for any hardware repairs on an iPad.  You will have to identify an account to charge for these repairs.  Technology Services will not attempt any hardware repairs on these devices. 

Best Effort We will provide you with our best effort to help you troubleshoot basic problems that may come up with the tablet.  In many cases, we have found that the best course of action is to simply to erase all data, reset the device, and start over.

Additional Services We will do our best to accommodate any requests that require Technology Services to establish a new service to campus or extend the capabilities of an existing services already provided to campus.  For example, we are currently investigating a cost-effective and scalable way for tablet users to display their device wirelessly on a classroom projector.  In addition, we are investigating a cost-effective and scalable way for tablet users to print to a University printer.  Technology Services may be unable to accommodate your request if it requires a significant cost to university or requires significant ongoing staff time.

Additional fees Tablets will require a one-time network activation fee of $185 and a monthly network charge of $3.50 to help offset costs for the increased demand on the UWRF wireless infrastructure.  

All prices on this page are subject to change at any time. Final costs will be provided before ordering any tablets and/or accessories.