Service Waiver

This waiver is a part of the UWRF housing contract signed by on-campus residents and is in place to allow UWRF DoTS to work on personally owned computer equipment.

In the case that a student may call upon the services of UWRF DoTS, the student will hereby agree to the following terms:

That I have read and understand my warranty in relation to the equipment affected by the problem. I do understand the effects that the service performed by the UWRF DoTS staff to rectify my problem or concern will have on my warranty.

That I understand that in the process of correcting problems with my computer related hardware that there is a potential for data loss at any time. I further understand that the UWRF DoTS staff will take precautions to prevent any loss of data, but I attest that I have made the appropriate backups of my data if such data were to be lost and hold the UWRF DoTS staff harmless of any data loss.

That I understand that the UWRF DoTS staff will make every attempt at correcting my problem. But, I understand that I hold the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and its staff harmless of liability of any damages to computer hardware and/or personal property that may occur while working in my residence hall room. Often working on computers and televisions require getting around the equipment, I have made attempts at clearing these areas to prevent damage to personal property.

That I understand that the UWRF DoTS staff must report any illegal software (i.e.warez) or other illegal data stores (i.e., child pornography) that may be encountered while working on the problem to the proper authorities. I further understand that what may appear as a simple problem may require in depth probing and investigation of the computer and this process may reveal data that I have "hidden" in the computer. Similarly, other illegal actions related to and not related to technology must be reported by UWRF DoTS staff to the proper authorities.

That if the problem is in some manner related to my roommate's equipment, I have their agreement (whether written or verbal) for UWRF DoTS staff to work on their equipment and have agreed to the above terms also. UWRF DoTS staff cannot make the determination of what is my equipment and my roommate's.

UWRF DoTS reserves the right to refuse to provide services at any time.