Reserve Sound Equipment

This equipment is made available to Faculty and Staff for strictly academic purposes. It may be checked out for a maximum of three consecutive days. Equipment is available on a self-service basis. Non-academic requests are handled through Campus Reservations.

Advance notice and reservations are required. All of our sound equipment is being offered on a first-come first-served basis, though key campus events will take precedence. Please use this form to reserve this equipment.

  • Microphones and other audio gear
    We have one wireless microphone system available as well as standard microphones. These are available for use across campus. Reservations are required.
  • Podiums
    Podiums in the University Center are reserved through Campus Reservations at 715-425-3911. Podiums are managed by facilities management and there is a charge for this service. If your event is in Abbott Concert Hall, North Hall Auditorium or Davis theatre, there will be no delivery charge .

Note: If you no longer need a service that you request, please call DoTS at 715-425-3687. 

* indicates a mandatory field

Please DO NOT use this form unless this request is for an academic event and you are a faculty or staff member of UWRF. If you are a student or need AV for a non-academic event, please contact Campus Reservations at 715-425-3911.