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DoTS manages the general access computer labs located in the Davee Library as well as the Wyman Education Building Lab. There are three Windows and one Macintosh lab available for reservation in the Library and the WEB lab is mixed-platform. Specify which lab you want to reserve, or just tell us whether you need a Macintosh or Windows lab and when you need it. Schedules indicating open and reserved lab hours are posted in the display case near the door to each lab. You may wish to read the lab reservation policies.

If you will be presenting a workshop in which your participants need to be able to use the lab workstations, they will need to login with their Falcon Accounts. If they do not have Falcon Accounts available to them, you may wish to request a guest account for your workshop.

Please visit the computer lab you are planning to use well ahead of time and be sure you are able to do what you plan to do in it.

All reservation requests are subject to availability. Please place reservations at least one week in advance.

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