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Use this form to request an e-mail mailing list for university-related communication.

Each list has a list manager that maintains membership, deals with problems that may arise on the list, and sets the options for a list. Once you have requested a list, you may use LISTSERV to manage the mailing list.

An e-mail mailing list is a group of e-mail addresses maintained on a server. When e-mail is sent to a mailing list, a copy of the message goes to each person who is a member of the list. Mailing lists may be used for discussion on a particular topic or to post informational messages to the group. Lists may be configured so that all members or only designated individuals may post. Lists may be set up so that anyone may join or may be designated as having closed membership.

Terms of Use

E-mail mailing lists must be used to support the university's mission. While mailing lists may include people outside of the university, the primary purpose of the list must enhance the activities and mission of the university.

Use of information technology resources must be consistent with the University's mission and with its role as a public agency. The university’s Acceptable Use Policy and regulations that govern personal conduct and use of University facilities (as published in the University of Wisconsin System Administrative Code and UW-River Falls policies) also apply to the use of e-mail mailing lists.

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If you have questions about mailing lists, please contact DoTS.

If your issue is high priority and requires immediate assistance please call the HelpDesk at 715-425-3687.