PaperCut Rates

In an effort to keep tuition costs and fees low UWRF will begin charging for printing on Tuesday September 3, 2013.  The cost of printing will cover paper, toner, and maintenance and support of the printers.

Paying for Printing

Each student is provided a print allocation of $10 at the beginning of Fall and Spring Semesters.  The print allocation balance will be used first.  After the print allocation is used up PaperCut will automatically switch over to Falcon Dollars.  To add Falcon Dollars go to the Online Card Officelink or the University Center Information Desk to purchase additional Falcon Dollars.  You may also share this Falcon Dollarlink link with friends and family so that they may purchase Falcon Dollars for you!

*Note: If both the print allocation and Falcon Dollars balances are less than the cost to print your document, printing will not work until funds are added.

Printing Rates

Student Printing Rates approved by Student Senate - August 8, 2013


Single Sided Printing

Duplex Printing

(Price is for both front and back)

Standard 8.5x11

B/W: 10 cents/page
Color: 35 cents/page
B/W: 14 cents/page
Color: 50 cents/page

Legal 8.5x14

B/W: 14 cents/page
Color: 50 cents/page
B/W: 20 cents/page
Color: 74 cents/page

Tabloid 11x17

B/W: 20 cents/page
Color: 65 cents/page
B/W: 30 cents/page
Color: 94 cents/page

Request a Refund

To request a refund, please follow the steps on the Refund Request page.

Rates currently only apply to the following locations:

  • University Center
  • Wyman Education Building
  • Davee Library