PaperCut Print Release

Most printing will be held and will need to be released within 72 hours.  There are two ways to release any printing you wish to print.  You will either use a Print Release Station or release your job right at the printer!  Go here for a list of PrintAnywhere Printers.

To release a print job on a Print Release Station

1.  Login on the Print Release Station with your username and password
PaperCut Login

2.  When logged into the user web interface, you can view your print jobs that are currently held pending release.
         a.  If you have multiple print jobs available, un-check any jobs you do not want to print
  List of print jobs

3. Click on the Release button to release your print jobs.

To release a print job with Mobile Print

  1. You may either scan the QR code on the printer or go to
    1. The QR code on the printer will take you directly to that printer
    2. will allow you to pick the printer you would like to print to
  2. Follow the steps above for using a Print Release Station

To release a print job on a printer

1.   Swipe your ID or enter your username and password on the printer
2.   You will be taken to a screen with all available print jobs that are in the queue.  You can select print all or print individual jobs by selecting the document title.

Print Release - Printer Screen