PaperCut is a print management software used on campus to manage student printing.  PaperCut allows students to print from any computer, tablet, or phone connected to the internet as well as from university computer labs and kiosks.

To print from most internet connected device go to the PaperCut WebPrint page.

Features of PaperCut

  • Print from any internet connected device from a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari through WebPrint
  • Print only what you need to print through held print queues when you release your printing
  • Release your print job at any printer that is a member of the PrintAnywhere-Black&White or PrintAnywhere-Color printers
    • Information on the PrintAnywhere queues and locations of member printers
    • Print jobs are held for 3 days
  • Access personal print history including: number of pages printed, total jobs submitted, and environmental impact
  • Paper is now provided at PrintAnywhere printers.  There is also a charge for printing

Print Multiple Slides on a Page in PowerPoint

  1. If you are on a  Windows computer, install a PDF printer if needed
  2. Open the PowerPoint and print as you normally would, set the number of slides per page you want and if you want a notes section or not.
  3. Select the PDF printer on a Windows Computer or select Save as PDF on a Mac
  4. Save the file to a location that works for you. 
  5. Open the PDF file to verify it looks the way you want
  6. Upload the PDF through WebPrint.