My Sponsor Portal

Initial Login Steps

 This is what the Sponsor Portal looks like, log in with your Falcon ID username and password.

Sponsor Login

The first thing you want to do (and you will only need to do this the first time you use the Sponsor Portal) is go to the Settings Customization link to just setup a few items.
Fill in your Location and your E-mail Address for the Sponsor's E-mail Address.  This will be used for e-mails sent from the system so they appear to come from you when you email the credentials to someone.

Sponsor Settings

Selecting the Create Guest Account from the dropdown seems to be the most useful for your Default Page to Show After Login.  Choose whichever one works best for your use.

Sponsor Create Account

Once you have filled in all the necessary information hit the Save button.

Sponsor Save

Create Accounts

If you are not seeing the Create  Guest Account page, click the Create Single Account link under Account Management on the left.
Fill in the required fields and hit Submit.

Sponsor Submit

Now you would be able to email or print the account information.

Sponsor Success

The person you created the account for will now have an email containing the username and password to connect to the UWRF-CAMPUS wireless network.

Sponsor Credentials

Manage Accounts You Have Created

Click on the View Guest Accounts link under Account Management on the left.
Once in the Guest User Accounts List check the account that you want to manage.

Sponsor Manage Account

Once an account is selected, you can Print, Email, Delete, Suspend and Reinstate

Create Multiple Random Accounts

If you need to make a lot of accounts, and don't have information for the users, you can create up to 10,000 random accounts rather quickly.
Go to Create Random Accounts under Account Management on the left menu.
Fill in the number of accounts that you need and any prefix you want before the usernames.
Also fill in the Role and Account Duration.
Hit Submit.

Sponsor Multiple Accounts

Once Submitted the accounts are created and displayed - note that you must scroll to the bottom of the list for more options.

Sponsor Accounts Created

Sponsor Accounts List

You can either print all the accounts on one sheet, or export them to a .CSV file for further use.

Import Accounts from .csv (Excel)

If you want to create many accounts and have the information for each person you can import a .csv file (Excel) with all the information and it will create all the accounts for you.
Go to Import Accounts under Account Management on the left menu.
Click on the Download Import File Template button so that you can get a copy of the file that you will need to fill out that you will later import.

Sponsor Import CSV

You will notice it asks you to download the importGuestAccounts.csv file, to which you can either Open or Save.
Once you have the file opened fill it in with as much info as you can, Phone Number and Company are Optional.
Make sure to save it as a .csv file.

Sponsor Save As CSV

After you save the file go back to the Import Guest Accounts window and hit the Browse button to attach your file to this import.  Then make sure to assign an Account Duration, then click Import.

14 Sponsor Account Duration

You can now either Print or Export the accounts.