My Device Portal

Go to while on a device connected to the UWRF network.  Then log in with your Falcon ID credentials.

Adding a Device to your Registered Devices list

My Devices Portal Login 

As you can see when you log in you may have some devices in your list and it may be blank.

Add A New Device

Fill in the Device ID and the description of the device.
(See information on how to find the MAC Address for gaming systems.)

Add Device ID

Now you can see the newly added device is listed under your devices.

04 View Device List

Removing a Device from your Registered Devices List

Decide what device you want to remove and click the trash can icon for that entry.

Delete Device

It will give you a warning that you are removing it.

06 Delete Warning

Changing the Description of Device on your Registered Devices List

Let's say that Freddy got another phone and wanted to rename the one already in his device list.

07 Change Description

Click the Edit link for the device you want to change and it should load in the test fields above the submit and cancel buttons.

Edit Load

The description has now been changed.

Changed Description

Lost or Stolen Devices ???

If you find yourself in the situation where you lost a device, or it was stolen, you should immediately go to your My Devices Portal and declare your device as Lost. Click the Lost? link of the device.

Lost Stolen Device

You should get a warning about this.

Lost Warning

Let's say you marked a device as Lost?, the above message mentioned you needing to reinstate the device through your portal.  Just click Reinstate.


You should get a warning about this.

Reinstate Warning

Now the device should function again on the wireless network.