File Attachments Blocked from E-Mail

File Attachments Blocked from E-mail Delivery

Technology Services restricts the delivery of certain file types through e-mail to block malicious cyber-attacks. 

In addition to executable files (and others), we are now blocking archive file types.  The most common file type would be .zip.  

We recommend files be delivered via FalconShare.  If you are expecting attached files from a reliable source, we suggest you create a Public Link using FalconShare at
To allow files from trusted sources please do the following:

  • From the main window drop-down the “View, edit and sharing button”
  • Select "Create Public Link" See Detailed Instructions 

This will allow you to create an link to a folder in your Home Drive (S: Drive).  

This ability is only available for the Campus Drive (T: Drive) by contacting DoTS.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact DoTS@uwrf.edumail or phone 715-425-3687.

Blocked Files