Accessing Falcon Share


Windows users connected to the campus network (wired or wireless) get their FalconShare spaces mapped automatically.  The 'home' space is mapped as S: drive and the campus department file space (including Collaboration) is mapped as T: drive.  Student employees will need to log into the computer with their student employee 'S' account in order to access department spaces.



Macintosh users connected to the campus network (wired or wireless) will be able to access FalconShare space directly in their Finder as they do with other disks.  DoTS has an application that can be used for this purpose, or you can connect using the 'Connect to Server' option under the 'Go' menu in the Finder.


In the window that follows, you can enter the following:

  • for 'campus' file space (Windows T: drive): cifs://
  • for 'home' file space (Windows S: drive): cifs:// (enter your Falcon username instead)
  • Use the '+' button to add the address to your favorites

Falconshare Mac connect to server window

When you click the 'Connect' button, you may get prompted to log in ... user your Falcon account username and associated password.

After you are connected, an icon for the file space may appear on your desktop.  If not, you can enable that option in the Finder Preferences (Finder menu > Preferences: General).  Either '' or the file space name will also appear in the sidebar of your Finder windows.

If you are on a Mac and the FalconShare drives do not automatically appear, you can use this program to add them.

Web Access

FalconShare Web Access is currently the only way to access files on FalconShare while not connected to the campus network.  It is accessible at the following address:

When you visit that site, you will be immediately prompted to log in (if you have quit your browser since the last time you logged in).  Once logged in, it will present you with a list of FalconShare file spaces.

The FalconShare Web Access application includes the ability to send public links.  This feature is similar to the 'ticket' feature of our previous file service, FalconFile.

Once you're done using FalconShare web access, you must quit or completely close your browser to log out, or someone else using the computer will be able to access your files by visiting