Classroom Controller

How to Use a Classroom Controller

Extron 226

1) Power: Turn all devices on/off.
2a) Auto Image:  Recalibrates the video signal
2b) Proj Mute: Blanks the video display on the projector
3a) Laptop: Projector will display the Laptop
3b) PC: Projector will display the PC
3c) Mac: Projector will display the Mac
3d) VCR: Projector will display the VCR
3e) DVD:  Projector will display the DVD player
3f) Doc Cam: Projector will display the Document Camera
4) Volume: Adjusts volume for all classroom audio
5a) Title: Skip to beginning of DVD
5b) Menu: Navigate to DVD menu
5c) Enter: Select an option from the menu
5d) TV/VCR: Switches from TV and video
5e) Previous/Rewind: Navigate backward
5f) Play: Start playing DVD or videocassette
5g) Next/Forward:  Navigate forward
5h) Pause: Hold DVD or videocassette at certain position
5i) Stop: Stop DVD or videocassette from playing
5j-m) Tuner: Allows navigation through DVD menus.

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