Elevated Privileges Service Level Agreement

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Technical Support Available to Users with Elevated Privileges

Due to the increased risk and support needs placed on a computer with elevated privileges, the following Service Level Agreement (SLA) was developed to identify the assistance that will be available to you from Technology Services.

Select software can be installed without the need for elevated privileges via the self-service option on both Windows and Mac.

Levels of Support:

  • "Best Effort" support will be provided for software/hardware that was not obtained through DoTS.  Best effort support means that DoTS staff may not have the knowledge to resolve the problem.  Support for software/hardware that was not obtained through DoTS will also receive a lower priority than hardware/software obtained through DoTS
  • “Full Service” support will be provided for software/hardware that was obtained and installed through DoTS.  Full service support means that DoTS staff should have the knowledge or access to resources to resolve the problems.  DoTS staff will also spend as much time as needed to resolve the problem.

Malware Infections (Virus, Trojans, Spyware)

With elevated privileges there is a higher chance of becoming infected with malware such as viruses, Trojans, and spyware.  Malware infections can reduce the security of the UWRF network as well as requires extra time from DoTS staff to clean up the infection.  Due to the amount of time it can take to clean up an infection DoTS staff may recommend re-imaging the computer as this will reduce the amount of time you are without a functioning computer.  Please see below for information on re-imaging.

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Computer Re-imaging

Imaging is a term that refers to the installation of the Operating System (Windows or Mac) and a base set of applications such as Office and Adobe Reader.

DoTS may re-image a computer for multiple reasons.  Re-imaging may be the quickest way to resolve a problem as it provides a tested base to work from.  Re-imaging may be the best solution at times as well, for example, some malware infections will never be completely removed creating long-term problems on the computer; re-imaging will allow DoTS to provide you a “like-new” computer to work from.

If it is determined that re-imaging is the best, or possibly the only solution, DoTS staff will work with you to minimize the disruption to your work, including arranging a time that would work best for the re-image and providing a loaner computer if needed.

DoTS staff will do their best to backup data and restore data, however, some application data may be lost if we are not aware of the need to back it up.  It is highly recommended that you do not keep important data on your local hard drive and that you utilize the T or S drive storage to keep important data.

After re-imaging the computer DoTS staff will only install software DoTS has installation media or files for (this generally would be software that is available to request from the DoTS website or is available on Lab/TEC computers.)  All other software will need to be installed by the primary user of the computer.

Strategies to Protect Your Data

It is recommended that any data (documents, images, presentations, etc) that you have stored on your local computer be backed up to another location.  Technology Services staff members can recover any data you have backed up to the network storage provided by the University.  You are welcome to backup any data that is not sensitive (student grades, student information, etc) to your own personal storage device, but Technology Services staff members may not be able to recover this data.