Digital Storytelling

As teachers and learners we know that "every one of us has a story to tell."  Digital storytelling allows someone to use multimedia (text, images, video, sound) to report on a historical event, explain an important time in ones own life, investigate a complex situation or event.

ideaIdeas for Incorporating Digital Storytelling

The Center for Digital Storytellinglink - Cookbook ( includes several examples of story types that you are commonly including.  Certainly these types of stories are not applicable to all disciplines.

Character Stories

Memorial Stories

Adventure Stories

Accomplishment Stories

The Story about what I Do

About a Place in My Life

Recovery Stories

Love Stories

Discovery Stories

Assessing Digital Storytelling

A sample rubric is available at the work with Western Massachusetts Writing Projectlink website.

Elements of Digital Storytelling

Digital stories take many forms and there is no definitive answer on what a digital story looks like however, the Center for Digital Storytellinglink developed a "cookbooklink" which describes seven essential elements involved in digital storytelling.
  1. Point of View  What is the thesis for this story?  What perspective does the author take?
  2. A Dramatic Questions  Engaging viewers by introducing a question that will be answered by the end of the video.
  3. Emotional Content  Position your video to make a powerful statement that pulls viewers in emotionally.
  4. The Gift of Your Voice  Using your own voice presents the content more genuinely.
  5. The Power of the Soundtrack  Match the tone of your story with corresponding sounds.
  6. Economy  Providing enough context to your story while keeping it brief to maintain interest
  7. Pacing  Keeping an appropriate tempo that matches your story.


Center for Digital Story Tellinglink

University of Houston:  College of Education - Digital Storytellinglink

BBC:  Telling Liveslink

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