Computer Repairs and Parts

For University-owned Computers

DoTS is charged with supporting and maintaining UWRF-owned workstations, including laptops.  For repairs that require the purchase of replacement parts, there may be some charges associated with the repair to cover those costs.  To request service or repairs for a university-owned computer, follow appropriate link below:

For Employee-owned Computers

DoTS does not provide repair services for employee-owned computers or related equipment.  However, if you are in need of guidance regarding a course of action or choice of repair vendor, you can contact us.

For Student-owned Computers

Service and support of personal technology is available to students living on-campus.  This service is not available to students living off-campus, as it is supported by residence hall fees.  DoTS can assist with troubleshooting, repair, upgrades and offer advice for technology problems for students living in the residence halls. Some costs for parts may be associated with these services.  DoTS technicians can meet you on-site in your residence hall room or if your technology is portable it can be brought to the Communications Center in Hagestad Hall.  You can also contact us.

For students who do not live on-campus, DoTS can offer guidance regarding a course of action or choice of repair vendor.

DoTS sells Ethernet and coaxial cables, along with a few other items, from our Hagestad Hall walk-up counter for the first two weeks of school (each semester) and during move-in week from the University Center and Hagestad.