Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling/Resale/Refurbishment

The Division of Technology Services is committed to the sustainable reuse of our older campus-owned equipment.  We have several programs in place to deal with older equipment which is considered no longer usable as primary computing devices or peripherals.

As equipment ages and is pulled out of our rotation our first step is to evaluate the possibility of refurbishing and reusing as secondary computing equipment. Many times for student workers or as requested by departments for secondary use.  If the equipment is no longer able to be reused on campus we then proceed to evaluate for possible resale.

Facilities Management holds a monthly surplus sale and we work closely to provide older computers at fair market value.  This equipment is typically older than 5 years and has outlived its usefulness on campus.  To see the Facilities Surplus webpage and subscribe to their email list, or visit the web page.

Lastly we recycle any equipment deemed "not-saleable" with Universal Recycling Technologies.  We receive a certificate of recycling stating the number of lbs. of equipment we send which goes to reduce our campus’ carbon footprint.  URT also checks to make sure all traces of data are wiped (we do as well before sending to them).