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Due to the complexity in setting up software for use in a computer lab environment, DoTS imposes the following deadline regarding lab software installation requests:

June 1 - for installation for the next academic year

Requests are completed on first come-first served basis as time allows.

Please furnish us with a copy of the software ahead of time for testing purposes. We strongly recommend that you wait until we know that we can install the application in the labs before purchasing licenses.

If you are a student and would like to recommend a particular application for the labs, you can also let us know that here; we are interested in your ideas and will consider your recommendation.

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Note: Requests received after June 1st will be not be considered for Fall term. If the request is submitted before November 1st, it may be considered for installation during J-term if DoTS workload permits it.

The computer labs software exists in a complicated, sometimes fragile environment, as computer lab workstations generally have many more software applications that need to co-exist than will be found on a typical office desktop computer. Our ability to fulfill lab software requests is dependant on available human resources, potential technical difficulties, and licensing requirements.

If you are requesting this software in support of a class, please check with DoTS to verify that your request can be fulfilled in time for your class.

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