Computer Lab Reservation Policy


Division of Technology Services (DoTS) utilizes the following lab reservation polices for its computer labs to ensure fair access to faculty utilizing labs for instructional purposes, open access to students, and compliance with University of Wisconsin System guidelines for General Computer Access labs.


To reserve DoTS Computer Labs

For a single or limited number of class periods
To reserve a lab, fill out an online request form or phone DoTS at 3687. Reservations can be made for a single or limited number of class periods.

Make reservations well in advance for orientations, workshops or a single or limited number of class periods. At least one-week advance notice is recommended. Requests are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. Use of the labs without prior reservations is not permitted.

Faculty are urged to avoid scheduling required lab sessions during peak demand periods (such as the last two weeks of the semester) whenever possible.

UW System policy requires Extension and non-credit courses to be scheduled at off-peak times. This typically means evenings, weekends or break periods when classes are not in session.

For an entire semester
Reservations for an entire semester are permitted in labs designated as "computer classrooms". Since these labs are considered classrooms, they are scheduled by the dean's offices in cooperation with the registrar. To request one of these rooms for your class for the entire semester, make a regular classroom request through your college dean's office during the time period designated for making your class scheduling requests.

The DoTS Blue and Red labs in Davee Library are listed as "computer classrooms" which can be scheduled for classes for an entire semester. Classes may also be held in some departmental labs for an entire semester, but typically only for courses taught by those departments. See the computer lab listing for a list of department labs.

Notify DoTS of cancellations

It is essential to make computer labs available for instruction or general student use as much as possible. Whether your reservation is for the entire semester or for one or two class sessions, please notify DoTS as soon as you know that you will not need a lab reservation. We will then open the lab for general student use or accept reservations from other faculty for that time period.

When a class is scheduled to meet for an entire semester in a DoTS lab, we automatically include the time designated in the class schedule for the final exam. If the exam time is not required, the instructor should notify DoTS to cancel the lab reservation so that the lab can be made available to others.

Coordinate software requests with DoTS

Notify DoTS at least 30 days in advance of special-purpose software needs; six weeks is preferred. Popular software such as Microsoft Office is already installed on lab computers and access to it presents no difficulty unless rarely used features and components are exercised. You must provide an adequate number of licenses to legally run the software on lab computers. DoTS staff will install the new software on the network server and workstations and verify that it will execute successfully. However, due to both time constraints and lack of expertise in discipline specific software, we cannot perform exhaustive testing. If you request installation of special purpose software, you should pre-test it well in advance of any scheduled lab use. 

Additional Information

Labs Available for Reservation

Some of the computer labs that DoTS operates are available for scheduling classes, while others are available only for general access. Please see the computer lab listing page for the lab locations, number of machines, platform, type of equipment and software that is available in each of them.

DoTS also supports various departmental, discipline specific or special purpose labs around campus. See the computer lab listing for more information about these as well. An additional general access computer facility is located in 130 Wyman Education Building. 

Alternatives to Using Computer Labs

If a computer is required only for an instructor's presentation, utilizing a Technology-Enhanced classroom (TEC) is a good alternative. Permanent TECs contain a Windows and Macintosh computer, VCR, document camera, AV switcher and permanently mounted projector. They allow a presenter to project information from a computer, VCR, DVD or document camera on a large screen. Mobile TECs are also available which consist of a computer and LCD projector mounted on a cart which can be wheeled into classrooms and connected to classroom network jacks. For specific information on TECs, visit the TEC listing page.