Clearing Paper Jams in Laser Printers

Sometimes when printing a paper jam occurs. Often you will see a message similar to the one below (13.5 Paper Jam: Check Rear Door) when this happens.Paper Jam Error Screen

In the photo below, the paper fed only a little ways into the printer before it jammed.

jammed paper - partial feed

The first step you should do is open the cover closest to where the paper is feeding in.

paper jam - printer cover open

You will then need to pull out the toner cartridge.

paper jam - removing toner

You should then be able to gently pull the paper out of the printer.

paper jam - pull paper back

Sometimes the paper gets pulled in too far as seen below. Do NOT attempt to pull the paper back in this case. Doing so may damage your printer.

paper jam - mostly through

Instead open the rear part of the printer.

paper jam - rear cover

Gently pull the paper out WITH BOTH HANDS and using EVEN PRESSURE. To do otherwise may damage your printer or tear the paper making it much more difficult to fix the problem.

paper jam - pull paper through

If you require further assistance, please send DoTS a workstation trouble report. If the printer in question is in a computer lab, send us instead a computer lab trouble report. If you need immediate assistance, call the DoTS HelpDesk at 715 425-3687.