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The campus cable television system is a digital QAM system

Analog TV Digital TV
  • REQUIREMENT: You must have a TV with a digital QAM tuner or a converter box that will tune a digital QAM signal. Most televisions manufactured since 2006 have a QAM tuner.
  • IMPORTANT: Set the TV to "cable" and scan for the channels. See your television’s instruction manual and on-screen menu.
  • Not all TVs or converter boxes will scan and map the channels exactly as reflected in the TV guide.
  • Tech rooms with a cable jack have a computer featuring a USB converter that receives a digital TV signal. The computer serves as the TV for the room and can be projected on a screen.
  • Offices with a cable jack need a TV with a QAM tuner or a digital QAM converter for the TV.

VCRs do not have QAM tuners so television programming recording will not be supported with these devices.

  • This system has over 40 HD channels and more than 40 SD Channels.
  • TV channels begin with channel 100, NOT with channel 2, and go through channel 185. Sub-channels of some networks are available. For example KTCA is channel 102 and channel 102.2.
  • The FM radio spectrum can be used to tune local radio stations on a stereo receiver that use a coaxial antenna.  If the receiver does not have a coaxial antenna connector, you will need to purchase a 300 ohm -75 ohm adapter.

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DoTS sells Ethernet and coaxial cables, along with a few other items, from our Hagestad Hall walk-up counter for the first two weeks of school (each semester) and during move-in week from the University Center and Hagestad.

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