Audiovisual Equipment Contacts

Equipment Loan

The campus does not have a centralized loan service for equipment such as transparency projectors, VCR/DVDs, TVs and slide projectors. This equipment has been purchased by the university and each of the Colleges and is distributed to locations around the campus in order to make it available to the academic departments and the faculty who teach with it. All classrooms have at least one transparency projector and a permanently mounted screen. Television sets, VCRs and VCR/DVD//TV combos on carts have been placed in equipment rooms in every classroom building. Program assistants in academic departments within these buildings typically manage the reservations for this equipment. A list is presented below; please locate the resources nearest you and make your reservations with the appropriate person.

Please note that while some of the equipment (most notably many of the mobile TECs) was purchased with university-wide funding, other equipment was purchased and is managed by departments within each of the buildings. When using the equipment, one will have to follow the arrangements and policies made by the departments loaning it out. Almost all require that it be used within the building. Regardless of which department manages any given piece of equipment, your cooperation is needed to ensure the most efficient and effective use of this equipment.

Equipment Availability in Departmental Sign-out Areas

Please contact the following people to reserve TV/VCR carts, slide projectors, and transparency projectors.

Building/Location Contact Department Telephone

131 Agricultural Science

Fay Westbergmail

Agricultural Education


324 Agricultural Science

Susan Freiermuthmail

Plant and Earth Science


253 Centennial Science Hall

Kathy Sumtermail

Chemistry and Psychology office (TV cart)


111 Karges

Dawn Roettgermail



B124 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Kay Coreymail

Speech Communication and Theatre Arts


245 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Sherry Fowlermail



344 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Connie Simpsonmail



204 North Hall

Andrea Scharfbilligmail



124 South Hall

Barb Franzenmail

College of Business and Economics



Refer to the audiovisual equipment support page for additional information on other equipment availability and locations.