Audiovisual Equipment Support

Planning Considerations

DoTS will perform setups of audiovisual equipment such as televisions, computer projectors, and sound systems only for academic activities.

Your need to request AV equipment depends on your presentation location. Some classrooms have permanent TEC equipment; if not, reserve a Mobile TEC within the building.

If you plan a presentation which includes use of the Internet, be sure the room you are using has an active network connection and that your computer is properly set up to utilize this connection. Contact DoTS well in advance if you are planning to do this. All general assignment classrooms on campus have network connections, but your computer must have network drivers installed and be registered on our network. Computers in permanent TECs or on mobile TEC carts are already network-ready.

Students presenting in a university class should request permanent or mobile TEC access through your instructor. If neither is available, then consider borrowing the equipment from the Davee Library.

Presentations in the University Center and the Knowles Complex

AV and computer resources in these buildings are managed by Student Services. Some of the equipment is available from the University Center for use within the building, while other equipment may have to be brought in.

Transparency projectors, televisions, VCRs and screens for use in the University center can be reserved by contacting the Reservations Office. E-mail them at reservations@uwrf.edumail . Please reserve this equipment well in advance of your meeting.

Presentations in academic buildings

Please follow these suggestions for effective sharing and use of AV equipment.

  • Plan ahead and schedule the equipment early. One week advance notice is preferred.
  • Don't make block reservations for any of the equipment. AV equipment is a limited resource.
  • Try to keep your reservation request close to the times and days that you will actually need the equipment.
  • Return it promptly to the department from which it was borrowed when you are finished.
  • If you encounter any problems, please report them so repairs can be made in a timely fashion. 

Traditional AV Equipment

Most of the necessary equipment is either permanently installed at campus locations or is available for sign-out on a self-service basis. Upon request, DoTS staff will train users to set up and operate the equipment for themselves as needed. The following is a summary of equipment available and where it may be found.

  1. Transparency projectors. There is at least one transparency projector in every University classroom. DoTS keeps these units operational. Program assistants in nearby academic departments can supply replacement bulbs if they fail. If the problem is more serious, please ask them to report this to DoTS.

  2. Screens. There is at least one permanently mounted screen in each campus classroom.

  3. Slide projectors. These are available in the equipment rooms of many classroom buildings. None are available from DoTS.

  4. Movie and filmstrip projectors These may be available in some of the equipment rooms on campus, however these technologies are no longer popular and receive very little use. None are available from DoTS.

  5. VCRs and televisions. Check with the departmental contact for that location.

Multimedia Presentation Equipment

  1. Computers with projectors. For making presentations to University classes in campus classrooms we recommend using the permanent Technology-Enhanced Classrooms (TECs) and mobile TEC resources. In addition to the units provided by DoTS, some academic departments also have units. See the list of TECs for details.

  2. DVDs. Use of this technology is increasing. All of the Windows and Macintosh computers installed in the permanent TECs have DVD drives installed.

Sound Equipment

Advance notice and reservations are required. All of our sound equipment is being offered on a first-come first-served basis, though key campus events will take precedence. Please use the reservation form to reserve this equipment.

  1. PA system

    We have a small PA system available for campus use. This system is for use by faculty and staff. There is no charge for using this equipment. The equipment will be delivered and setup, and retrieved by the DoTS technician during business hours. Reservations are required. The reserving party is responsible for the safe operation of the equipment and securing it before and after the event is held.

  2. Microphones and other audio gear

    We have one wireless microphone system available as well as standard microphones. These are available for use across campus. Reservations are required. Delivery of the podiums is done by facilities management and there is a charge for this service.