2015 Meal Rates (includes tax)

Meals Conference Plan Rate*
A la Carte Rate











*Conference plan rates apply only to groups staying in the residence halls and utilizing at least three (3) consecutive meals for all members of their group.

2015 Housing Rates (all rates are per person/per night)

Room Type University Groups Non-University Groups

Traditional Hall Double Room without Linen



Traditional Hall Double Room with Linen**



Traditional Single Room without Linen



Traditional Hall Single Room with Linen**



South Fork Suites (sleeps 4; linen rate only)



Ames Suites Double Room without Linen



Ames Suites Double Room with Linen



Ames Suites Single Room without Linen



Ames Suites Single Room with Linen



**Linen rates include one (1) pillow, one (1) pillowcase, one (1) bedspread, two (2) bed sheets, one (1) bath towel, and one (1) face cloth per guest.  Linen can be exchanged weekly at a rate of $5 per person.

Meeting and Recreation Space

Please contact the Conference & Event Services Office to discuss your meeting space and recreation needs. A quote will be provided based upon your needs.


All vehicles must have a visitor parking permit.  Residential groups will be charged $10/night for an unlimited number of permits valid in student lot spaces.

Conference and Event Services, Division of Student Affairs
170 University Center | | 715-425-4444