Reading Teacher Certificate

Certificate Requirements for Reading Teacher Licensure

First Summer: Summer Reading Institute, 8 credits
READ 700 Foundations of Literacy, 2 credits
READ 761 Advanced Elementary Reading Instruction, 3 credits
READ 722 Secondary School and Content Area Reading, 3 credits

First Fall:
READ 705 Language Arts in the Elementary School, 3 credits
READ 765 Appraisal and Intervention, 3 credits

First Spring:
READ 750 Children's Literature in the Reading Program, 3 credits
READ 785 Research in Literacy, 3 credits

Second Summer:
READ 775 Clinical Practicum in Literacy Instruction, 1-3 credits

Completion of a certification portfolio as specified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Master of Science in Education Degree and Reading Specialist

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