Communicative Disorders, MSE

Overview of Program

Degree Requirements

This degree is for individuals interested in pursuing certification as speech language pathologists in schools (assumes that teacher education coursework was accomplished at the undergraduate level).

Total credits to degree: 57-58

Professional Education Core, 3-4 graduate credits:
Select one course from:

TED 740 Historical/Philosophical/Multicultural Foundations of American Education, 4 credits
TED 750 Advanced Education Psychology, 3 credits
TED 755 Social Issues in Education, 3 credits

Required Specialization Courses, 36 credits:
COMD 715 Research Methods in Communicative Disorders, 3 credits
COMD 716 Anatomy and Physiology of the Central Nervous System, 2 credits
COMD 717 Neuropathologies, 3 credits
COMD 720 Voice and Resonance Disorders, 3 credits
COMD 730 Audiology II, 3 credits
COMD 737 Auditory Processing and Auditory Processing Disorder, 2 credits
COMD 750 Dysphagia, 3 credits
COMD 762 Developmental Language Disorders, 3 credits
COMD 764 Augmentative/Alternative Communication Systems, 3 credits
COMD 765 Aphasia, 3 credits
COMD 767 Communicative Replacements for Challenging Behaviors, 2 credits
COMD 770 Case Discussions (Treatment), 2 credits
COMD 772 Audiology Practicum, 2 credits
COMD 787 Counseling and Multicultural Issues in Communicative Disorders, 2 credits

Elective Courses, 0-8 credits

COMD 798 Independent Research, 1-4 credits
COMD 799 Thesis, 1-4 credits

Required Clinical Experience, 18 credits:

COMD 579 Clinical Experience Internship, 6 credits
COMD 773 Practicum in the School, 0 or 6 credits
COMD 774 Practicum in Rehabilitation Facilities, 6 or 12 credits

Students must choose one of the following plan options.

Plan A
A minimum of 57-58 semester credits of graduate work including a master's thesis, for which a students may receive up to four graduate credits for research in area of specialization. Final oral exam.

Plan B
A minimum of 57-58 semester credits of graduate work including a paper/project approved by the program director. Final oral exam.

Plan C
A minimum of 57-58 semester credits of graduate work. A written comprehensive exam and final oral exam.