On-Campus Interview Policy

General Policy:

UW-River Falls Career Services requires attendance for students who sign up for an on-campus interview, so please make every effort to attend your appointment. Cancellations are strongly discouraged, and no-shows are unacceptable. Not only do you inconvenience the employer, but you may also deprive another student of a valuable interview opportunity. Cancellations and no-shows result in suspensions from future interviews and Hire-a-Falcon until the following requirements have been met to rebuild the relationship that may have been severed.

Cancellation and No-Show Definitions and Penalties

Late Cancellation: cancellation with less than 2 business days' notice
No-Show: failure to show up for an interview; arriving late resulting in a missed interview

First Offense:
Upon the first missed interview or late cancellation, you must write a letter of apology to the recruiter and the Director of Career Services within 48 hours. If you do not write a letter of apology, your Hire-a-Falcon privileges will be suspended.

Second Offense:
Upon the second missed interview or late cancellation, you must write a letter of apology to the recruiter AND meet in person with a Career Counselor to have your interviewing privileges reinstated.

Effects of Missing an Interview
  • Missed appointments inconvenience employers who have scheduled their time around your interview.
  • Missed appointments reflect poorly on other UWRF students, faculty and staff.
  • Missed appointments disrupt the working relationship between UWRF Career Services and employers which ultimately affects other students now, and in the future.



 We understand emergencies may occur. In the event that you cannot attend your interview, please notify the Career Services office at (715) 425-3572 (leave message if unavailable) as soon as possible. All cancellations must be made by 4:30 pm, two business days prior to the day of the interview. If unable to notify the office prior to your interview, please do so as soon as possible after the scheduled interview time to discuss the circumstances and your future on-campus interview eligibility.

Years taken to build business relationships for the benefit of the UWRF community can be erased with just a few negative experiences. Please observe the highest professional and ethical standards and see yourself as we see you, a professional representative of UW-River Falls.

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