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Melissa Wilson

Melissa Wilson

Favorite Online Resource: Hire-a-Falcon
Hire-a-Falcon is where students and alumni can find professional internships and jobs and search for part-time positions in the River Falls area.  The system is free to use and allows employers to post opportunities when they are targeting UWRF students and alumni to work for their company or organization.  Did I mention it was free?   

Favorite Print Resource: Graduate Admissions Essays, 4th Edition, Donald Asher
This resource rarely goes untouched when meeting with a student or alumni who mentions the words "graduate school."  This resource assists students in researching graduate schools, navigating the graduate school application process, and writing the graduate school admission essay, aka: personal statement.  This resource has numerous personal statement examples which assist readers in learning what components are necessary and not preferred when writing this critical piece when applying to graduate schools. 

McKenna Pfeiffer

Assistant Director
McKenna Pfeiffer

Favorite Online Resource: What Can I do with a Major Guides
This resource includes information on over 80 majors and allows students to learn the common career areas within the major, typical employers that hire students in the field as well as strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. Additionally, this resource includes research links to help students obtain specific field related information pertaining to  professional associations, career sites and job postings. 

Favorite Print Resource: The Book of Lists
The Book of Lists is printed annually by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and  provides listings of hundreds of the hottest area companies by field. This resource can help students and alumni conduct more thorough research on companies in their field of interest as well as identify organizations for informational interviews.

Caitlin perszyk

Career Counselor & Recruitment/Technology Coordinator
Caitlin Perszyk

Favorite Online Resource: GoOverseas.comlink
If you are looking for an experience overseas, definitely check out Not only can you search for study abroad, international internship, volunteer and teaching experiences, each program has alumni reviews to help you choose the right program. You can search based on location, program length and price. 

Favorite Print Resource: The Gold & Silver Book This resource is ideal for locating creative careers in the Twin Cities area. It provides information on organizations ranging from ad agencies to media organizations.

Nancy Pace

Employer Relations Specialist
Nancy Pace

Favorite Online Resource: The Job Seeker (must first log into Hire-a-Falcon)
This listing of vacancies is posted bi-monthly in Hire-a-Falcon contains environmental and natural resources jobs and internships throughout the United States.  Some of the many categories are biology, conservation, environmental education, and parks/outdoor recreation.  You can also find many great summer positions.  It is a very valuable resource for environmental majors.

Favorite Print Resource: Green Jobs – A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment
This resource is great if you are interested in going green.  The opportunities for environmentally skilled workers are skyrocketing. Green Jobs will help you to find a job you like and that will make the world a better place.  With this comprehensive guide, you can be sure to find the job of your dreams-and sleep better at night!  


Graduate Intern Career Fair Coordinator
Luke P.

Favorite Online Resource: Resume Writing Principlesdocument
This is a great resource for learning how to create an appropriately formatted resume. Having a good resume is an absolute must when searching for a job or internship. A good resume can sell a candidate and indicate why the candidate is better suited for the position than other applicants. Employers expect that applicants review guides such as this to create the perfect resume.  

Favorite Print Resource: Strengths Finder 2.0link
This book helps individuals discover what their strengths are. Knowing strengths allows for an individual to understand how to work most successfully on a project or team. Leveraging strengths as well as team members' strengths leads enables a team to achieve the best possible results.


Graduate Intern
Lauren F.

Favorite Online Resource: UWRF Internships
As a student, it's very beneficial to build up a toolkit of skills and experiences to put on a resume. Internships, paid or unpaid, are a great way for students to explore careers in a particular field and gain valuable experience. This resource helps students navigate who to talk to about internships and how to receive college credit. Employers value students who have internship experience, and it prepares you for life after college.

Favorite Print Resource:Job & Internship Search Strategiesdocument
Searching for an internship or job may often seem like a daunting and impossible task. This handout easily outlines steps to successfully search for opportunities, explore career options, build up your professional network, and effectively manage and use your social media platforms.

Elizabeth Byers

Graduate Intern
Elizabeth B.

Favorite Online Resource: University of Wisconsin-River Falls Mentor Networklink  
This group on LinkedIn allows current students and alumni to connect with one another, share tips and ask for advice. Students and alumni will both benefit from joining this LinkedIn group. Starting out on LinkedIn can be a daunting task, but by joining groups, networking online and setting up informational interviews with a potential mentor, students can feel more comfortable and confident when they start their job searching process. 

Favorite Print Resource: Tips for Getting an On-Campus Job Handout document
Working on campus as an undergrad was a great benefit for me. Not only were the hours flexible with my class schedule, but I also saved time and gas money by being able to walk to work. One of my on-campus job experiences led me to my current career path in Student Affairs. 

Student Staff:

Peer Advisors

 Front Desk Staff

Sue Watters

Office Manager
Sue Watters

Favorite Online Resource: Career Handouts The Career Handouts button on our homepage directs you to 26 career related topics. Each contains a wealth of valuable information that is essential to creating that perfect resume, assist in your job and internship search, learn effective networking and so much more. Check them out,  then call for an appointment if you need one-on-one assistance.  

Favorite Print Resource: 101 Career Alternatives for Teachers As an educator you possess skills from your teaching education and teaching career that can be used in other fields. Exactly where do you begin the whole vocation-switching process? In 101 Career Alternatives for Teachers, you'll discover: How to assess your career goals, the best fields for your particular teaching skills and expertise, practical and effective ways to launch your job search, the most attractive and lucrative career alternatives, and much more!

Assistant Office Manager
Lori Dore


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