Prefooter Instructions

The Prefooter is so called because it appears just before the page footer on the right lower side of each page within a subsite.



To create a prefooter for your subsite, 

  1. Create a new page named "Prefooter"
  2. Click to add a new element (anywhere on the page will work)
  3. Choose the Prefooter Element from the Gallery
  4. Click the Gear
  5. Click "Data"
  6. Enter the exact subsite name at the top
  7. Enter the prefooter information using the format desired
  8. Save and Submit

To Edit a prefooter for your subsite

1. Open the subsite folder and search for the page "prefooter"
2.Open up the prefooter page
3. Click on the gear
4. Click data
5. Edit
6. Save and submit