How to Resize an Image

Resizing Images using the CMS Feature "Edit Image"

  • Log in at your subsite page.
  • Click Reports Click Reports
  • Choose Images Choose Images


  • Hover over an image file name (title with blue underline). Hover Over Image Title
  • If you see a blank window, the image properties need to be set. This will happen if you edit the image or you can set them following instructions below.

To edit the image:

  • Under Actions, click the icon to the right of the image that looks like a page with a pencil.
  • Choose Edit ImageClick Icon to Edit Image
  • Click the top right icon to Resize the Image Click Top Right Edit Icon
  • You will see Resize properties below the image Resize Properties
  • Change the width to the desired size - the height will change automatically (Keep Aspect Ratio needs to be checked)
  • Click ApplyChange Width and Apply
  • You will see the new properties for the image.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the compression is set to 99%ImageCompression
  • Click Save.
  • Select Update existing image (saves as a new version)
  • Use a complete description (Alt Tag) and ignore Keywords
  • Include in Public Image Gallery should always be checked
  • Click Next
  • Click OK at the maximum upload warning
  • Now when you hover over the image you will see the image and the correct size and it will be changed wherever you used it.New Image

Images Don't Show Up

  1. Click Reports > Images to display a list of images
  2. Click the More Actions icon (looks like an edit icon) on the right
  3. Select "Details"
  4. Click "Recalculate Image Size"
  5. Click "Save"
  6. Click More Actions again
  7. Choose "Properties" (don't change anything)
  8. Just click "Save"

You may need to clear the page cache - Actions > Clear and Update Page Cache (bottom of list).

If the size is too big, you should upload a new version of the image after you have resized it in Photoshop.

Avoid this issue by uploading multiple images (even if you are only uploading a single image).

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