Chem Faculty
The Chemistry Faculty

Front Row (left to right): Jeff Rosenthal, Barb Nielsen, Kathy Sumter, Magdalena Pala, Lisa Kroutil, and Sheue Keenan (retired)
Back Row: David Rusterholz, Kevin McLaughlin, Dan Marchand, Michael Kahlow, Marilyn Duerst, Michael Keenan (retired), Ross Jilk, David Rainville, and Karl Peterson


Karl Peterson - Organic Chemistry Department Chair

Marilyn Duerst - Education

Ross Jilk - Biochemistry

Michael Kahlow - Physical Chemistry

Lisa Kroutil - Biochemistry

Dan Marchand - Separations/Medicinal Chemistry

Kevin McLaughlin - Physical/Polymer Chemistry

Barb Nielsen - Analytical Chemistry

Magdalena Pala - Inorganic Chemistry

Karl Peterson - Organic Chemistry

David Rainville - Inorganic Chemistry

Jeff Rosenthal - Analytical Chemistry

David Rusterholz - Organic Chemistry

Jamie Schneider - Chemical Education

Stacey Stoffregen - Organic Chemistry


Kathy Sumter Program Assistant

Dustin Andert Stockroom Manager

Professor Emeriti

Richard Swensen - See the Richard Swensen Sundial

Joe Conrad

John Hill

Michael Keenan

Sheue Keenan