Certification Portfolio Transition Plan

Education Unit Teacher Candidate Certification Portfolio

Transition Plan

Spring, 2011:

Burning portfolios on CD’s will no longer be required. Each student will share his or her portfolio (Click the “share” tab at the top of the page) with Wanda Erwin through Chalk and Wire (D2L for Ag Ed majors).

Students will continue to use the Artifact Matrices found on the "old" Portfolio web site (http://www2.uwrf.edu/static/portfolio/).

Summer, 2011:

Fall 2011 student Teachers must submit portfolio with all 10 standards (Gate1) by June 30th and receive approval by August 1 in order to student teach. The same deadlines apply for the Communicative Disorders Practicum.

New portfolio table of contents (Teacher Education) will appear in Chalk and Wire on July 1st, 2011

When the new template is unveiled on July 1st, all students who already created a Chalk and Wire portfolio will need to transfer artifacts and reflections to the new portfolio.  
Directions: Create a new portfolio and use the “import content” tab at the top of the page to import all artifacts and reflections from the old portfolio to the new portfolio. Each standard will have to be imported separately. The CEPS portfolio administrator (currently Wanda Erwin) will review portfolios prior to student teaching or Communicative Disorders Practicum (Gate 1) and approve artifacts and reflections for those courses taken prior to Fall 2011. See the Certification Portfolio Elements page for the assessment process for courses taken starting Fall 2011.

Beginning Fall, 2011:

All students in TED 120, TED 155, AGED 201, P ED 161, and COMD 275 will begin with the new portfolio and approval process. These courses will now be pre-requisites for taking any courses listed on the standards-based matrix. This includes the professional education courses such as: TED 252, ENGL 252, TED 211, TED 212 and SPED 330. Graduate students starting a program in the Fall of 2011 must attend an orientation seminar.

The Gate 1 standards-based matrix is embedded within coursework. Students in these courses must successfully complete the appropriate standard to receive a grade for the course.

All students must have successfully completed Gate 1 prior to student teaching / Communicative Disorders Practicum. Gate 2 will be completed during student teaching / Communicative Disorders Practicum.

Fall 2011 Student Teachers: For those students, student teaching in the fall semester, 2011 you do not need to import contents from your current portfolio to the new portfolio. Simply create a new portfolio to complete Gate 2.

Depending upon where a student is in his or her program, the previous artifact based matrix will be honored as needed. The CEPS portfolio administrator (currently Wanda Erwin) will be reviewing all portfolios at the end of Gate 1.

Transfer Students:

All undergraduate transfer students must take either TED 120, TED 155, AGED 201, P ED 161, or COMD 275 as an introduction to our portfolio assessment system.

If a transfer course is equivalent to any courses on the standards-based matrix, please make an appointment as soon as possible after entering our program with the UWRF CEPS portfolio administrator (currently Wanda Erwin), who will review your portfolio and approve artifacts and reflections.